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Tyron Woodley challenges Michael Bisping to UFC champs showdown if Georges St-Pierre wants out

As the guys on today’s MMAjunkie Radio show pointed out, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping decided to play a little game of poker by putting forth an ultimatum to Georges St-Pierre that if he doesn’t set a date for their fight soon, the title shot is going to Yoel Romero.

It’s a good show of posturing by the champ, but why is the ultimatum like a game of poker? Well, because what if St-Pierre were to call Bisping’s bluff? Then what? The plot would certainly thicken.

For what it’s worth, Romero responded that he’s not buying what Bisping is selling. Romero, though, isn’t the only UFC fighter to respond.

Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley chimed in on Twitter that he would gladly take a fight against Bisping on July 8 at UFC 213.


Woodley reiterated his challenge on tonight’s episode of “UFC Tonight,” which incited a Twitter back-and-forth-between he and Bisping.




Woodley, who is coming off a majority-decision win in his UFC 209 rematch with Stephen Thompson, hasn’t exactly been impressing UFC President Dana White with his safe style of fighting. And with that being said, that makes Woodley-Bisping highly unlikely to happen.

For more on the upcoming UFC schedule, visit the UFC Rumors section of the site.

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