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If Georges St-Pierre Delays, Michael Bisping Says Yoel Romero Gets Title Shot First

Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre first faceoffWhile UFC president Dana White put a target time of July’s International Fight Week for Michael Bisping to fight Georges St-Pierre on his wish list, it doesn’t sound like it is going to happen that soon.

If it doesn’t, Bisping isn’t giving St-Pierre much wiggle room. If St-Pierre tries to push the date much beyond UFC 213 on July 8, Bisping said that he will not wait, he would instead grant No. 1 contender Yoel Romero a shot at the belt.

St-Pierre himself said on a recent UFC Unfiltered podcast, “I believe (the fight) will be more after the summer, I believe. It will be more after the summer.”

That may be what St-Pierre wants, but the UFC seemed to be in a bigger rush than that, and Bisping certainly is. St-Pierre has said he wants to put on some weight, add some muscle mass, but Bisping hasn’t fought since October. He doesn’t want to be on the sidelines for a year waiting for St-Pierre to muscle up.

“I heard that he wanted like September or October and that is what the UFC told me as well. But I am just throwing it out there right now. If he wants to wait until September or October, then he can go find himself another opponent,” Bisping said during his podcast.

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“If he’s not ready then I guess Yoel Romero gets his title shot. Listen, I am not afraid of Yoel Romero. If GSP wants to fight, of course, there is a great storyline there. Georges St-Pierre coming back, fighting for the middleweight title. It’ll do big business, but I am not willing to sit around and he’s doesn’t get to call the shots. It’s my belt. I’m in my prime,” Bisping continued.

“I am not willing to wait a year for Georges St-Pierre. I might as well do two fights in that year and still make the same money.”

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