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Easy fights? Vitor Belfort scoffs at reports: 'That would not be me'

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and future UFC Hall of Famer Vitor Belfort isn’t particularly happy with reports that he’s seeking an easy fight in his farewell appearance.

Belfort today took to social media to refute that he’s looking to face a pushover in what he insists will be the final fight of a 20-plus-year career.

“I saw the press has released that I asked for an easier fight,” Belfort wrote on Instagram. “That said, let me remind you all my last 10 fights: Anthony Johnson, Jon Jones, (Michael) Bisping, (Luke) Rockhold, (Dan) Henderson, (Chirs) Weidman, Henderson, (Ronaldo) Jacare (Souza), (Gegard) Mousasi and (Kelvin) Gastelum. Only big names, champions and rising stars. The only easy fight I had was with the actual FAKE Champion Michael Bisping.”

Earlier this month, Belfort suffered a TKO loss to Gastelum in the main event of UFC Fight Night 106 in Brazil. After the disappointing defeat, the Brazilian native said he’d like to make good on the final fight of his current deal by competing against a foreign opponent at June’s UFC 212, which takes place at Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

More recently, he told Brazilian outlet AG Fight he’d like for that fight to take place at light heavyweight – and even joked he’d like for it come against onetime UFC fighter Phil “CM Punk” Brooks.

That story was given a more literal headline in wider distribution, such as an initial reposting at FloCombat, labeled “Vitor Belfort wants to fight CM Punk.”

Belfort wasn’t particulary happy with that approach and insists he isn’t looking for a free pass in his farewell appearance.

Now if you ask me if I would like an easy last fight.

If I would like to have an opponent that at least in theory I would knock him down easily…

I will confess that would be great!

But that would NOT BE ME…

Would not live up to my history and the legacy I want to leave for the next generations.

When I started in this sport, I was just a young kid, smaller than all my opponents. Nobody took me serious…

But I came out knocking people out! Against all the odds became a champion.

I know I am not that kid anymore. But I will not hide behind the age, the time that I’ve been fighting, the pains, my hormonal deficiency (believe or not, I have it), or anything else…

In life you fight! You have to!

And usually the odds are always stacked against you.

That is the message I want to leave to my fans, friends, family, to young athletes and specially to my kids…


If you do have a tiny chance and is your dream you are fighting for:


Does not matter the outcome!

The real loser is the one that gave up and never took the chance to try!

UFC officials have yet to announce Belfort as a part of UFC 212, though his popularity in Brazil would certainly seem to make “The Phenom” a likely candidate to compete at the event.

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