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Training in Hong Kong

hey guys, so i have solidifed a trip to hong kong from jan 4 to 17 so around 2 weeks. I am going to visit my cousins and i am not a sight see type of person. So i have a lot of free time to train.

I will be living with my cousin and he is about 30-40 minutes out from most jiu jitsu academys after doing my research. I don’t think he is really close to any so i will be making a travel either way.

So what i want to ask of you bjj redditors is what place in hong kong did you feel most welcome to train as a foreigner (i speak some cantonese but as an american chinese not that great). I also don’t really want to bring too much training equipment. IF i could i would prefer to do only no gi because of how much less baggage no gi would be. If not i am wondering what places do you know of with great gi rental systems.

Places i have ruled out is rooftop bjj ( i emailed them and they only do 1 day a week bjj now) I may still go there though for that once a week drop in.

I really want to go to a place where i can connect and socialize with the locals and get great rolls and have a fun time!

Thanks for any help!

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