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How to develop my pathway to success?

So yesterday I had my second competition, and yet again I lost both my weight and open class matches. Much of it was due to nerves (especially my first match) but I’ve come to realise I lack both physical and mental toughness (Grit, Savagery…call it what you want).

I’m now at a point where I have to decide whether competitive jiu jitsu is within my capabilities or whether I pursue BJJ only as a fun hobby. I still have more passion for the former than the latter so I now have to develop my pathway to success.

Apart from the obvious, how do I attain my goal? My guess is that I need to :

  • Increase my class attendance from 4 to 7 classes a week
  • Enter more competitions regularly to improve my mental weaknesses
  • Undertake some kind of strength program
  • Eat and sleep better

How did YOU develop your pathway to success?

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