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Weight of your Belt at weigh-ins

TLDR ; Your belt may be heavier than you realise.

This week as I prepared for a featherweight weigh-in, I weighed all my Gi’s on my kitchen scale to compare. There’s 400 grams (9/10ths of a pound or 14oz), between the lightest and heaviest, not surprisingly.
If I have one gi 400 grams lighter than another, then that’s 400 grams less than I have to cut. Mix and match different brands (same colour), all good.

Then it struck me I hadn’t considered or weighed my BELT!

Damned thing weights 250 grams alone [1/2 lb]. I grabbed an old crappy Blue belt I had laying about, it was only 150 grams.
Lesson – every little bit count when cutting weight, so check your belt and buy a crappy light one for Competition day 😉

But a quick question – has anyone ever tried weighing in at an IBJJF Competition without your belt on? I’m going to try this week and see if they notice or care.

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