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Got into a weird position today where I was getting triangled and the other person needed to tap out

Some background: I’m a white belt at the point where I’m getting decent at surviving, but unable to finish most of the time (in no-gi anyway). Was sparring against someone around the same skill level and around my size (maybe slightly larger).

Anyway, he gets me in a triangle, but my arms weren’t in that great a position for him so I was able to stand up and start wiggling myself free and at some point was stacking him a little bit. At this point, I pretty much couldn’t hear anything with his legs around my ears and the rest of me was focused on trying to get free. I suddenly hear him say something about tapping and I thought he was asking if I was tapping and I said I was fine. Then he clarified he was tapping because I was putting pressure on one of his knees (I must have not felt him tapping on me because all I could feel was a squeeze around my head and arm). At this point, I just froze to avoid making the situation worse because I didn’t know what was going on and he managed to separate himself out. Anyway, this led me to a couple of questions:

  1. Can anyone figure out what could have caused the pressure on the knee from my vague description? Details were hazy because all I really remember was the wiggle room that I was trying to use.

  2. Did I do the right thing in freezing in this situation to not make the pressure worse?

  3. If someone ends up illegally submitting themselves (like they put their knee in a weird position that they cause themselves pain) in most tournaments, what happens?

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