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Read This Before Posting: Rules, AMAs, and How to Get Your Belt Flair

Community Rules and Guidelines

  1. Follow the rules of reddit and use reddiquette.
  2. Read our BJJ FAQ wiki and use the search function before asking beginners questions (or wait for the weekly White Belt Wednesday thread).
  3. Save your new stripe and belt promotion posts for the weekly bragging rights threads unless you have a good story or photo to go with it or you earned a black belt.
  4. Add the appropriate link flair after creating a new post to help with content filtering, especially Promotions and Memes.
  5. Don’t ask for medical advice when you should go see a doctor.
  6. Use [Spoiler] in your title when posting BJJ or MMA match results within 24 hours of the event.
  7. Don’t share pirated content, such as ripped PPV streams or instructional DVDs.
  8. Submission by accounts newer than 3 days and/or with less than 3 comment karma are automatically blocked. Throwaway accounts can be used to ask a sensitive question or make a controversial post, but message the mods to let it through the filter.
  9. Company owners can make one post announcing their store (ideally with a coupon code) but need to follow reddit’s rules for self-promotion like buying reddit ads.

How to Add Your Belt Flair (Below Black Belt)

Add your belt flair by clicking “(edit)” near “Show my flair on this subreddit. It looks like:” in the sidebar. You may not be able to do this in a mobile app, so try using a desktop browser.

How to Get Black Belt Flair

Follow the black belt rank verification instructions here.

Setting up an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

If you or someone you know wants to run an AMA with the /r/bjj community, please go to the AMA guide to set that up and get your account verified.

More About Link Flair

Link flair is used to filter and sort posts. Many members dislike memes and “got my first stripe!” post, while others love them, so please label such posts accurately so everyone gets what they want.

  • Use the “Promotion” link flair when you post about earning a new stripe or belt.
  • Use the “Meme” link flair when you post memes, AdviceAnimals, x-posts from /r/all, gifs of animals playing or fighting, photos and gifs without any BJJ content, etc.

Asking Common White Belt Questions

Balancing the subreddit to appeal to everyone from white to black belt is tricky. We don’t want to create a culture that is hostile to beginners, but we also don’t want to drive veterans crazy answering the same questions over and over again. Before asking a question as a beginner, read the FAQ and using the search function.

We won’t ban or punish beginners for asking common questions (even if they are answered in the FAQ) but they will likely be directed to the FAQ. You’re welcome to post any question, no matter how basic, in the weekly White Belt Wednesday thread this coming week.

(These rules and guidelines are also maintained in the wiki.)

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