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Origin Gorilla Weave Review!

So I bought this Gi about two months ago and realized that I forgot to post feedback about it, so here goes it!

(Reasoning for buying) So I’m a bigger guy (read: fat) with weird dimensions, my torso is super long and my legs are super short. It’s a pain to find a good fitting Gi. So I decided to go with an Origin gi because I could select my inseam and have my sleeves tailored to fit me. My wife agrees because she’s sick of seeing me in sloppy looking Gis. Well, I mess up and give the wrong dimensions and I’m thinking “Oh crap, I’m going to have to pay for this”

(Customer Service) No. Freaking Ashley, The Rockstar Heroine of Gis, at the Origin plant says “No problem” and gives me a return shipping label for me to send it back to be resewn. That’s right, GIVES, as in for free. Keep in mind that this is all 100% MY FAULT, and they’re paying for return shipping. She kept me informed, every step of the way and got my gi back to me in like a week.

(Fit) Now, onto the fit… Have you ever been hugged by Jesus? Because that’s what it feels like to put on this Gi. It’s so ridiculously light weight, my A4 Top and 38 inch pants weigh less than my training partner’s A1 “ultra light” gi. We didn’t put it on a scale, but if it’s not actually lighter, it’s within a couple ounces.

(Performance) Go ahead, complain that lightweight gis are too easy to grip, I dare you. Origin not only has Jesus-hug extract in these gis but they’re treated with WD-40 prior to manufacturing, so unless you have the grip strength of a 20 year old rusted bolt… good luck buddy!

The only problem with this Gi is that now all my other gis feel inferior to it, and they should. They should be ashamed of themselves for not being an Origin Gi; Since purchasing this work of art I have cast off another one of my Gis into exile and I routinely have to tell my remaining non-origin gi to stop complaining about being neglected.

When you purchase this Gi, you should bow down and thank it for allowing you to wear it. You are not worthy, I am not worthy, none of us are worthy of these works of art.

Too long, Didn’t Read | Origin: The Gi Jiu Jitsu needs, not the Gi it deserves.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Origin, so I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of Jesus Hug Extract or WD-40 in Origin Gis

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