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Krab Guard Question

Hey everyone! As you can tell from the below my krab game isn’t well-developed yet, but I’ve noticed a couple interesting patterns that have me questioning my approach.

Actually, my question is not about the krab guard proper, but more what happens after switching to the de la krab and inverting. Now, we all know the opponent can backstep there, in which case the best strategy is to berimkrab, but when I do that it often leads to the krab rangoon, and my ‘goon game is really weak (what can I say, my pelvis just isn’t that flexible).

So I was thinking…why not change directions and go for the kiss of the krab instead? This completely blocks their fish-hook (or as the Danaher guys call it the “forward shikaku,” otherwise known in the 10th planet system as the “mescaline whiplash”), and as a bonus I have a chance to hit a lapel-through pincer-snap choke if they sit up.

Any fellow shellfish have thoughts? Thanks for your help, osssssssu.

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