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Is TBI a possibility from take downs?

I have been training very regularly for the last year, sometimes 5 days a week. In that time I have broken ribs, and currently have a torn muscle in my shoulder. These injuries have me thinking about others that are possible in the sport, and one in particular, TBI.

I stopped playing hockey at 15 due to receiving a terrible concussion, now at 25 I really do not want to risk this. I have taken wrestling classes in college, and my MMA gym offers a wrestling class which I attend once a week. During take downs I have noticed the slight whiplash effect it has upon impact. Now I recognize the very real risk of a brain injury occurring if you are to physically hit your head on the mat, however what about this minor whiplash effect? I can not help but be a little fearful, the thought of a brain injury is a terrifying one.

Also before anyone says to take it lighter, I have already decided to do so. Will be training hard one week, and light the other one or two. Need to take better care of my body.

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