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Got to experience competing in a heavier weight class than mine at a local tournament.

I decided to compete in a small local tournament that our instructor had put together. I have been doing BJJ for about a year and a half now and only competed once at a NAGA I did about 4 months after I started, so since I don’t compete much (filthy casual I know) I decided to hop into this one just for fun. So they call the adult division up and start dividing us into weight classes. There were about 7 guys in my division which ranged from 150lb to 175lb, I was on the heavier end at 175. Well there were only 2 guys in the heavy class both guys 200+ and our instructor goes well that’s no fun hey Cole you have more experience than these guys hop in here with them to even the numbers out a little. I wish I could be cool and say I won the division but I got 2nd and I wasn’t even upset about it. The match for 1st and 2nd was great it was very back and forth until I got caught by a kimura. I feel like I held my own fairly well going against someone who had a year experience and weighed about 220lb. I learned so much and feel like I have a better understanding on what my biggest weaknesses are and what I should focus on more while I am rolling. I really wish I had the match recorded so I could get some feedback and learn more about what I could have done better. And I have read on here multiple times about how competing really helps you figure out where you are, and I never really understood that statement until after that tournament. Overall it was a great experience and would do it again! I’m sure others have had a similar experience they would like to share and I look forward to maybe learning something from someone else’s experience!

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